After a long day or sitting or standing at work, your muscles may start to feel stiff and sore, a good way to relieve this feeling is to get a nice massage. In our fast paced world, it may be hard to schedule time to physically go to see a massage therapist; however, massages are a lot more accessible now with the availability of massage chairs that we can purchase and use at home.

What happens to your body when you get a massage?

Whether you get a massage from a massage therapist or use a massage chair, a massage can help with easing tense muscles and improving blood circulation through kneading, pressing, and rolling. Through different techniques and pressures, massages can release muscle knots and muscle tension to improve flexibility and reduce stiffness.

Massages will include different techniques and pressures to target the affected areas. During the massage, your body will become more relaxed as the contraction in your muscles is released and your blood circulation will be sped up. Your body will also produce more positive hormones and flush out toxins during a massage.

Massages are known to help you relax but they can also help you become more alert. Through a quick massage, your body is able to produce dopamine and epinephrine, also known as adrenaline. Increasing the production of certain hormones can help keep you focused and alert during the day.

After a good massage, the best after care is to make sure you’re hydrated and nourished as your body will have absorbed much of the nutrients. It is not recommended to do any more high intensity activities for the rest of the day as your muscles have already been worked thoroughly during the massage. The best activity to indulge in would be a nice a bath and good rest.

Do massages help you sleep better?

If you’re looking to improve your sleeping, there are massages targeted for that as well. A sleep massage is a type of massage therapy that improves sleep quality by increasing the levels of hormones that makes you feel happy and relaxed, such as serotonin and oxytocin. The pressure of the massage activates the release of these hormones in muscles, which causes the relaxed sensation that you feel after the massage. Due to the increased level of these hormones, your brain will start to feel less anxiety, you become sleepier as your muscles become more relaxed and your blood pressure lowers through the massage.

Massages can also decrease an array of different hormones, one being adrenaline. Through a slower and deeper massage, levels of adrenaline can be decreased to help facilitate a deeper sleep.

How often should you use a massage chair?

While it may seem nice to be able to receive a massage every day, it is not recommended to use a full body massage chair too often. There are no extra benefits to using a massage chair every day in comparison to once every two or three days. The recommended usage per week is three to four times a week for those using for therapy purposes, and once or twice a week for leisure purposes.

How long can you sit in a massage chair?

At a salon or clinic, you may be given choices of different sessions lasting up to an hour; it is recommended to only use a massage chair for up to 15 minutes at a time. A regular full body massage may take up to an hour as a massage therapist can only work on one area at a time but a full body massage chair can target many areas at once, therefore you do not need a full hour.

If you are using your massage chair too often, you may result in over stimulation of your muscles. Over stimulation happens when the muscle is being stimulated repeatedly without rest and become even sorer. You may also become bruised if you are using the massage chair for a prolonged period of time without break. . If you would like to enjoy a longer massage, it would be best to take a 15 minute break to walk around between sessions from your chair to ensure you are not over stimulating your muscles.

Are massage chairs good for arthritis?

Massage therapy is also helpful in relieving pain for those with arthritis. If the pain is affecting your ability to travel long distances to see a massage therapist, a massage chair is a more convenient way to receive some quick relief.

Massages can reduce inflammation, joint tension, and overall pain. The rolling and kneading of massage programs on massage chairs can promote better blood circulation and activate the absorption of nutrients in the muscles, helping to clear toxins and inflammation fluids from the targeted areas. These massages can also help muscles relax and reduce the pressure around affected joints to increase flexibility and reduce pain at the same time.

Massage chairs, especially now with full body massage chairs, offer different types of programs that can target different areas of the body and can be adjusted according to different needs.

Who are the perfect candidates for a massage chair?

Massages are becoming more accessible and convenient through the usage of massage chairs. The variety in massage chairs and their features continue to increase as technology and manufacturers improve. As more and more people find it hard to go to a massage therapy appointment in their busy schedules, massage chairs are the most convenient way to find relief for daily build up of tired and tense muscles. Massage chairs are also beneficial to those who suffer from arthritis as it decreases their need to travel long distances in order to meet with a massage therapist, therefore reducing their overall pain.

While there are people who would still prefer a hands-on massage session with a massage therapist, there are also those who may feel uncomfortable in a massage salon or clinic. With the availability of massage chairs, people are now able to receive consistent massage therapy experiences in the comfort and privacy within their homes.