Sleep Apnea - Diagnosing Methods

There are two main methods in which sleep apnea can be diagnosed; in laboratory sleep test and in home sleep test Both these methods are performed once the need to complete a sleep test has been recommended by a healthcare professional. In the following post we will be discussing everything to do with in laboratory sleep test.

Before The Sleep Test

Prior to receiving a referral to sleep test, a clinical assessment is done prior to determine whether or not you would benefit from the sleep test. Once a referral has been opened from a physician for the in laboratory sleep test, the clinical test will be performed by a sleep specialist whom is board-certified in sleep medicine. The practitioners whom of which will be performing the sleep test are often one of the following: respirologist, ENT, psychiatrist or cardiologist.

During The Sleep Test

An appointment will be made during the early evening in order to achieve a proper reading of the body while you sleep after a full day of normal activity. Once you arrive, a sleep technician will attach sensors to your body which will be monitoring your sleep. The sensors will monitor your movement, your heart beat and be able to evaluate when you are waking up during your sleep causing you to be restless the following day.

After The Sleep Test

In the morning you will be woken up around 7am by the technician. Depending on the facility, there may be a shower available for you to shower and get ready for the next day. The information obtained during the sleep test will be forwarded to your doctor or specialist whom will go over possible treatments. Cassandra Tiltack