One of the main reasons patients can not stay compliant to their CPAP therapy is because they experience discomfort such as dry throat and nasal passages, and congestion. If you are using a CPAP machine, and you find yourself waking up with your nose and mouth feeling extremely dry and dehydrated, this is most likely due to a lack of humidity. 

When in use, your CPAP machine pulls the air from the room around you and delivers it straight to your mouth and nasal passage through the tubing attached to your mask. If the air that is circulating in your bedroom is lacking humidity, the air being delivered to your nose and mouth will be lacking in humidity as well. This is especially apparent in the winter months when the air is much colder and much dryer.

Both the DreamStation and the AirSense units include a heated humidifier. With a heated humidifier, you are able to control the level of heat and humidity to find the optimal heat setting that is most comfortable for you. It is always good to start at the lowest temperature level and turn it up only as needed to accommodate your bedroom temperature. Your heat setting will usually change between seasons.

Another way to get additional comfort during your CPAP therapy is by using a heated hose. Some examples of this would be the ResMed ClimateLine Air Heated Tubing, the Heated Tube for DreamStation CPAP Machines or the Fisher & Paykel ThermoSmart Heated Breathing Tube. Even with a humidifier, some patients might still experience dryness and irritation. Heated tubing can help solve this issue by heating up the air as it travels from the machine towards your airways and allow for a much more comfortable night's sleep.

CPAP therapy users are much more likely to remain compliant and use their machine every night if they are not waking up feeling irritated or unformattable.

Using a humidifier and a heated hose with your CPAP machine will add warm moisture, prevent irritation and result in a much more comfortable night’s sleep, which is key to the success of your CPAP therapy.