CPAP Insurance Coverage for Online Purchases

Sleep apnea is becoming very common amongst all ages and therapy can be very costly. Thankfully, whether British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, or other provinces, most insurance will cover your CPAP device and daily equipment if diagnosed with sleep apnea after doing a sleep study. Insurance companies, such as Sun Life Financial, Manulife Financial, and Blue Cross are generally familiar with how CPAP therapy works and usually provide replacement supplies every year. A typical replacement schedule for insurance billing includes; a new CPAP mask, standard or heated tubing, and filters every 6 months. Few insurance companies like The Great West will cover your replacement supplies after 3 months of your initial CPAP machine purchase. The coverage for a replacement CPAP unit will vary between the different providers. Don't know if your insurance covers your CPAP supplies online? Contact us so that we are able to provide you with a quote to send to your benefits provider and pre-determine the approval of your claim. This is the best way to confirm how much they will cover and what items they cover. As SleepEh does not directly bill your insurance, you will submit the invoice after your purchase to get reimbursed for your CPAP expenses. Furthermore, please verify with your insurance provider if they offer reimbursement as payment. To submit a claim, an invoice with the company name, address, and cost per item listed clearly is what the insurance will look for purchases done online. They will also want your doctor’s prescription on file so that they know you have been prescribed CPAP therapy. While we can assist you in getting a reimbursement, we also need to inform you that we cannot make any determinations about your insurance coverage or policy. Buying from a Canadian company is recommended as some websites online are not able to ship to Canada due to CPAP being a medically regulated device. Also, benefit providers may only accept receipts that are purchased within Canada in Canadian currency. Reimbursement time may take up to 2 weeks, and sometimes longer depending on your provider. Shop at SleepEh for all your CPAP supply and Sleep therapy needs online, and have your supplies delivered anywhere in Canada. Feel free to ask us for a quote today!