What maintenance is required on CPAP machines?

Taking proper care of your CPAP equipment will help you maintain optimal CPAP compliance. There are parts of your CPAP machine that requires cleaning and replacing so that it can remain functional and bacteria free. It may seem wasteful to throw away parts that appear like it is in “good condition” but it will play a big role in maintaining CPAP compliance to keep your sleep apnea under control. We have composed a simple guide on how to maintain and take proper care of your CPAP machine so that CPAP compliance is always at its optimal. CPAP Humidifier Water Chamber Cleaning and Replacement
  • Change water daily
  • Always refill with distilled water
  • Wash with warm water and dish detergent once in a while
  • Use 1 part white vinegar to 3 part water to remove mineral build up
  • Replace when the tub is cloudy, discolored, or cracked
CPAP Masks:
  • Hand wash cushion daily with mild dish soap, air dry
  • Hand wash head strap & chin strap weekly to remove sweat and dirt, air dry
  • Replace every 6 months as mask cushion traps oil and bacteria, headgear wear and tear
Filters and Tubing
  • Keeping the filters clean will ensure better air quality and a more quiet machine
  • Washable pollen filters should be washed weekly and replaced in 6 months
  • Ultra fine filters should be replaced every 2~4 weeks
CPAP, APAP, BiPAP, and Travel CPAP machines
  • The warranty on these devices is usually 2 years, and typically insurance will cover a new PAP machine every 5 years.