Novaerus offers a range of portable air disinfection devices which contain innovative NanoStrike® plasma-based technology. NanoStrike® works to rapidly eliminate airborne pathogens such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria. This revolutionary technology prevents self-healing, meaning cells cannot become viable as infectious agents again. Its multiple pathogen inactivation processes ensure no antimicrobial resistance can develop in the future.

While Novaerus’ NanoStrike® technology is incredibly powerful, it’s also gentle and safe to use around even the most vulnerable of people. As such, Novaerus devices are incredibly useful in medical environments and they’re currently being used by healthcare professionals in over sixty countries across the world.

How often should I clean my Novaerus device?

Novaerus air disinfection devices are very simple to maintain — Novaerus recommends cleaning your unit on a monthly basis. Because each Novaerus device has different components, cleaning instructions vary between models.

The Novaerus Protect 200 (NV200) has a wire mesh screen inside the unit chassis, To ensure dirt, dust, and other debris doesn’t build up, Novaerus recommends cleaning the screen with a vacuum cleaning brush from outside of the unit.  

The same cleaning process applies to the Novaerus Protect 900 (NV900)’s intake filter. During the first two months of use with this Novaerus device, inspect the intake filter every two weeks to determine how often you need to clean it. You can remove the screen filter from the top of your Novaerus Protect 900 (NV900) by pulling on the fabric tab attached to the screen filter frame to allow for easy cleaning.  

Your Novaerus Protect 900 (NV) comes with an additional screen to allow for rotation while you’re cleaning your device — do not operate the unit without the intake filter screen in place.

If you find that dust and debris is collecting often enough to result in a noticeable decrease in airflow, you may need to clean the intake filter more frequently than once per month.

You can also use this process to clean the Novaerus Defend 1050. This device has vent grills in front of and above the unit chassis, which are easy to clean from outside the unit. When cleaning other areas of any Novaerus air disinfection device (such as the body of any unit), use only a soft dry cloth to remove dust.

Do you need to replace filters?

The only Novaerus air disinfection device which requires you to replace filters is the Novaerus Defend 1050, which will require filter replacement at various stages as outlined in your user manual. 

This is because the Novaerus Defend 1050 has a triple-stage Camfil® filter system with three different filters (including a HEPA filter and a carbon filter). This provides a combined solution for air disinfection, particle removal, and odour mitigation. 

Before replacing filters on your device, switch off the power at the rear mains switch. The intake pre-filter — which is behind the front panel of the unit — should be inspected on a monthly basis and replaced when dirty. To remove the pre-filter, simply unlock the latch and pull the framing outwards.

Novaerus advises replacing the intake pre-filter after three months of continuous use. If you notice a change in airflow during the first two months of use, this filter may need to be replaced on a more frequent basis.

The Carbon and HEPA filters are located in the top of the Novaerus Defend 1050 underneath the top panel. Remove the carbon filter to access the HEPA filter — both of these filters have a handle that can be used to pull them out of their housing in the unit. The filters have directional markings to guide you through the replacement process. 

The expected lifetime of the carbon filter is approximately four months under normal clean air conditions and as such, it should be replaced after four months of continuous use.

As for the HEPA filter, Novaerus recommends replacing this every twelve months or when the filter test check output indicates to do so: whichever comes first. If you notice discoloration on the HEPA filter, this may be a sign that the filter has exceeded its life expectancy.

In order to ensure your Novaerus air disinfection device is functioning efficiently, you must replace the filters as recommended in the user manual. Only Novaerus supplied replacement filters should be used in your unit.

What is the warranty on Novaerus devices?

Novaerus devices are the first line of defence against airborne bacteria and viruses. They are incredibly advanced air disinfection devices that are built to last.

Novaerus offers a one year limited warranty for the Novaerus Protect 200 (NV200), the Novaerus Protect 900 (NV900), and the Novaerus Defend 1050.

It’s important that you do not open the tamper-proof screws on the casing of your Novaerus device — no serviceable parts are contained within. Units should only be opened and serviced, if necessary, by qualified Novaerus personnel. Novaerus has an excellent customer service team which can be contacted if you have any questions or concerns about your device.