EnVy pillows was designed by professionals in the healthcare industry as the first ergonomic post-operative pillow for Plastic Surgeons after face lifts and other facial surgeries. They had discovered that not all wrinkles were the result of aging but the result from side and stomach sleepers. EnVy pillows were designed for post-operative clients but now have been discovered by the general public to assist with uncomfortable sleeps due to neck pain, headaches, numbness, tingling, jaw pain, beauty, etc. These gorgeous pillows are encased in 100% Bamboo or 100% Mulberry silk for optimal comfort and a good night's rest.

How the enVy pillow works, is that it tilts the head away from the pillow relieving undue pressure on skin tissue and the jaw and cheek area. This also alleviates pressure on the bottom shoulder for side sleepers. The pillow gently cradles your head if you are a side, stomach or back sleeper while inducing subtle traction on the neck. This patented design is to prevent unwanted head rotation while sleeping. This will help clients suffering or recovering from neck and shoulder injury strain.

            The benefits of the enVy pillow naturally promotes Elastin and Collagen. As we age, unfortunately our skin does not have the youthful firmness, elasticity, tone, texture, skin depth, flexibility and dewy moisture any longer. enVy COPPER pillows have a copper infused tencel liner that can help. Copper is one of the 9 minerals essential for humans, as it plays a crucial role in our skin.

            Copper is a potent and natural germ killing element. Copper has been used for centuries around the world to kill bacterial spores, fungi and viruses when exposed to copper. Both gram positive and gram negative bacteria, including super bugs such as MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus) can be eliminated within minutes of exposure to copper. The copper in the enVy COPPER line of pillows are powered by CuTEC which provides naturally anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefit and continually kills any organisms you may have inadvertently brought into bed. If you’ve been sick in bed, forgot to shower or sweat in bed, this pillow will support your back, neck and head and create a clean and comfortable cradle for your head.

            The enVy COPPER pillow will clean out everyday harmful dust mites, bacteria, viruses and fungi. The Copper ions break through the microorganisms cell wall and goes to work on the germs’ DNA. Clinical studies have shown that Copper reduces the number of microbes by more than 99%!

            You might be asking why choose enVy over the other thousands of other types of pillows out in the market. The enVy pillow sources Canadian high quality memory foam that is hypoallergenic and meets all Health Certi-Pur requirements. EnVy pillows are made without ozone depleters, PBDE or any other fire retardants, TDCPP or TCEP, mercury, lead or other heavy metals, formaldehyde, CFCs, toluene diisocyanate, dyes, Phthalates. They are also dust mite and mold/mildew resistant and made with low VOC emissions. The enVy pillows are also OEKO-TEX certified, meaning the textile passes and exceeds safety standards and is free of harmful substances. By purchasing an enVy pillow, you are ensuring a safe and quality resting place.

            It has been proven by the American Academy of Dermatology and sleep wrinkles exists. Dr. Stegman’s findings warned patients against filling these sleep wrinkles with facial fillers or Botox, which do not offer long term relief and are effective only on expression lines. The creators of the enVy pillow have a combined experience of 50+ years actively working in the Anti-Aging/Aesthetic industry. They have many years of assessing and treating 1000’s of patients with Neuro-Modulators and Derma Fillers to correct wrinkles caused by natural aging as well as the way we sleep. The enVy pillow is recognized by Health Canada as a Class 1 Medical Device for the spinal, neck, TMJ support it provides.

            The enVy pillow was created by two registered nurses Kim Renton and Kathy Young Keefe in 2007. They have been on a mission to continually strive to solve the issue of pain and sleep wrinkles through their enVy pillow.

            The co-inventors combined their interests, experience and expertise to create the most comfortable anti sleep wrinkle therapeutic pillow on the market. Originally the enVy pillow was created and designed for Plastic Surgeons to offer their clients after face lifts and other facial surgeries. It was then discovered that not only does the enVy pillow keep clean, reduce pain but also reduced wrinkles.

            There are a few options to choose from. Depending on your personal preference and what your needs are, the options are: enVy RX,enVy SILK, enVy COPPER, enVy COPPER + SILK, and Travel pillow The enVy RX is a 100% Bamboo encased foam pillow. The enVy SILK is a 100% Mulberry Silk encased foam pillow. The enVy COPPER has the 100% Bamboo custom fitted pillow case and COPPER infused Tencel Liner by CuTEC. The enVy COPPER + SILK has the 100% Mulberry Silk custom fitted pillowcase and COPPER infused Tencel Liner by CuTEC. If you cannot sleep without an enVy pillow they have them for travel! At only 1.8lbs they are easy to carry with you anywhere. You can customize the pillow for your needs by choosing 100% Bamboo, 100% Mulberry Silk and the COPPER technology.

            The enVy pillow can be used in combination with a facial CPAP device. The design of the pillow allows the client to sleep on their side without worrying about the CPAP mask or tubing being disrupted. By using the enVy pillow, it will help back and side sleepers with neck support and airway management. The benefits of the enVy pillow in combination with the CPAP device are that it will improve airway alignment, sleep comfort, neck support and alignment. The enVy pillow will also reduce leaking masks, pressure on mask and face and mask discomfort.